What is HoodStay™?

Hood strut? Lift strut? Thing that keeps the hood up? Whatever you call them, they all have one thing in common—they wear out.

HoodStay™ is a permanent solution to non-functional lift-supports. Made with 303 stainless steel and extensively tested by experienced technicians, HoodStay™ is an adjustable clamp that can be fitted to most lift supports and can support up to 500 lbs. of weight.

Unlike other solutions for broken lift supports, which require either a full replacement of the strut, or a clamp which must be taken on and off each time you open the hood, HoodStay™ is a permanent fix. Once a HoodStay™ clamp is applied, it stays.

How it Works
As an adjustable clamp, HoodStay™ allows you to both open and close your hood or hatch normally, regardless of whether the lift support is functional.

It does this by functioning as a replacement joint for the broken lift support. Once a HoodStay™ is fastened to the lift support and secured with the set screw, it effectively replaces the broken joint, keeping the hood open once the orange handle is tightened, and allowing it to close when the orange handle is loosened.

Due to the fact that HoodStay™ is manufactured with 303 stainless steel, it can support an immense amount of weight, allowing you to work under the hood without worrying about it crashing down on your head. (We know, we've been there.) 

How to Apply HoodStay™

  1. Open hood or hatch.

  2. Place silver HoodStay™ around the “joint” of the non-functional lift support, positioning so that the HoodStay™ does not interfere with the hood closing.

  3. Test opening and closing the hood or hatch with HoodStay™ attached (before it is fully secured) to ensure it is positioned correctly.

    Tip: If your hood won’t close with the HoodStay™ attached, try flipping the Hood Stay so that the “mouth” of the clasp faces the opposite direction.

  4. Use the provided mini tool to tighten the set screw until fully secure.

    Tip: The set screw will feel “tight” as you’re screwing it in. This is by design, and does not mean that you are applying it incorrectly.

  5. Use the orange handle to tighten and secure your lift support in an upright position. When you are ready to close the hood or hatch, simply turn the orange handle to loosen HoodStay™’s grip and close the hatch with HoodStay™ still attached.